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I Switched From Multi-Vitamins To Sea Moss Gummies And This Happened

The body is understood to be made up of 102 minerals, and research has shown that 92 of those minerals are also found in Sea Moss.

Sea Moss Facts:

Sea moss is an edible North Atlantic seaweed. The edible portions come from the dried thallus of a species called Chondrus crispus found on the rocky Atlantic coasts of the British Isles, the EU, and North America

Growing up in our home we ate Flintstones vitamins. As hard as the company tried even to a kid they never tasted like their intended flavors. But, we were taught that they were good for us.

As I became an adult, multi-vitamins were bought and taken as often as I could remember to do so. I recall learning one day that supplements have no benefit for the general population. As I researched this information I decided that ingesting the foods that naturally contained these vitamins was the better option.

Last year, while at a spice shop here in Las Vegas a gentleman sparked conversation and asked if I knew what sea moss was and I replied truthfully, no. He looked like I said I didn’t know what milk was, frowned and attempted to explain it’s benefits.

This did not intrigue me. In fact I kindly ended the conversation. The one thing that makes a person not want to learn about what you are teaching is when you do it in an insulting manner.

Fast forward to more recently, I was given a sample pack from a MLM (multi-level marketing) health brand and it contained a pouch of sea moss. The gel texture and new flavor wasn’t bad at all. I just didn’t want to join the company.

The woman who had given me the sample pack was informative of the health products she sold, but kept insisting I join her program so that I could earn cash. I knew it wasn’t a business venture I desired so I said no from the start.

Luckily my human involved interactions with sea moss didn’t deter me from wanting to take it.

I checked with one of my favorite social media influencers to see if she had any available to purchase since I had seen her post about it before. She was sold out.

So I decided to check out and there I found some sea moss gummies. They are delicious!

My results from taking Sea Moss gummies; better digestion, clear skin and no longer congested. I noticed these changes within a few weeks!

If you are thinking about giving this superfood a try, I would highly recommend it!

Thanks For Reading!

Kadesh C. Menes