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300 More Writing Prompts – The Perfect Book For Writers Block

Are you a content creator? Or, do you simply just enjoy writing? Whichever the case, then you should know that originality in your style will build your audience.

Years back I was conflicted with how seriously I wanted to take social media. And, with one foot in and one foot out, the first thing I learned about having a digital profile was that one should find their unique voice. After trying to force myself to mimic the personalities of online authentic characters, to blatant caricatures, I discovered that just developing my writing skills was the best face I that could put forward.

Now, though being myself ended up being the answer, I still get writers block. This is when I close my laptop, or put the pen down. In the past when I tried to force a memory or article, I would read over it and question what I was even talking about, and why did I keep typing/writing such gibberish? For me, forcing writing causes me to turn a good piece of work into something bad. Really bad.

In high school my favorite class was English Literature, and some of the most memorable times would be when we were told to just write about whatever came to mind. Even if that meant starting with a word, color, memory, or object. It would be a weight lifted off when we would do this, especially when I would find myself looking at a blank page for minutes.

300 More Writing Prompts has 300 unique, random, and thought provoking questions with space to write your answers. If it’s not enough room or your juices just can’t stop flowing, do like I do and continue writing in a separate journal or notebook. Though it is not the same as completely free writing, the topics (questions) that are asked are probably not subjects that you would think to write about on your own. And you can always flip through the book and pick what you would like to write about, there are no rules saying you have to complete it front to back.

Writing is a lost art that should be kept alive. I don’t know if it was living in the days of Y2K or the fact that my husband buys me journals that are all over our place, but I plan to keep writing for as long as I can. 

Doing things such as reading different genres of books, creating new experiences, picking up a pen and paper will help increase your skills or help you to develop new ones.

300 More Writing Prompts can be purchased at Barnes & Noble.

Kadesh Carter


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