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Las Vegas’ Economic Review: Surviving In The USA

Things have changed and nothing is going back to the way it was. It’s about pivoting for survival and leaders in business (and government) know this.

Las Vegas was known as a cheap place for entertainment and retirement. It’s not inexpensive anymore. 1. There is no rent control. 2. Every major sports league is about to have a team here. Two very important factors to consider.

If you live here, you are going to have to be very creative to be successful. If you are considering moving here, you are going to need a decent income to thrive.

Compilation By Aura Bea Carter

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Is Las Vegas The Next Silicon Valley? More Tech Companies Relocating

An influx of tech companies and workers have moved into the valley to find greater opportunities and help diversify our economy.

Throughout the past couple of months and during the pandemic, many companies have looked for more affordable real estate, a better quality of life, and fewer pandemic restrictions.

Arya Bina is the founder of Kobe Digital, and he says that is the main reason why he moved his tech company’s headquarters from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. He says the days of our city only being a destination for gambling, resorts, and entertainment are over.

“There is enough momentum here where it is not like you are going into a place with a completely blank slate,” Bina said. 

Bina says based on his predictions, Vegas will be the next big tech hub. His company is an advertising agency that helps tech industries grow. After being in Southern California for five years, he says he realized he needed a city with more opportunities.

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Pandemic Pantry Preparation: Emergency Food Supply List

When the San Francisco earthquake of 1989 hit my mother tells me I was in my aunts yard running around as she chased me in a panic. Being a toddler you have no understanding of what a natural disaster is.

Living in California earthquakes are unpredictable but expected to happen. I’ve lived through some that have jolted me out of my sleep and others I didn’t feel at all.

Living life on the edge aka the San Andreas Fault, meant having specific foods being kept in case the “Big One” finally hit.

Here’s a helpful list of items to keep in your pantry in case of an emergency; that could be a natural disaster, personal financial change, or pandemic.

• Peanut Butter
• Whole Wheat Crackers
• Canned Meats/Seafood (Manual Can Opener)
• Dried Fruits
• Canned Fruits
• Canned Vegetables
• Oats & Oatmeal
• Dry Pasta & Pasta Sauce
• Honey
• Spices & Herbs
• Canned Soups & Stews
• Nuts & Trail Mix
• Water

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Zen Luxury Bamboo Sheets

Sleeping between bamboo sheets is so comfortable! In fact they are cool, durable, ultra soft & silky – hypoallergenic. Bamboo sheet’s will bring you comfort in any climate. In Las Vegas the type of bedding that you sleep in between really does make a difference when it comes to the city’s extreme weather.

If you read our last article you’d know I really like the many uses of bamboo. Well, upon moving to Vegas I learned very fast that the type of bedding that you sleep in between really does make a difference when it comes to the city’s extreme weather. It was in the high 90’s when I first moved here and within a month or so it had reached as high as 114 degrees.

Yes, you read that right. Ninety plus degrees.

For most when coming to Las Vegas it’s usually for a conference, convention, concert, eloping, gambling, vacation, attend a Strip attraction… anything (reason) is possible when it comes to Sin City. Whatever the reason, when coming here many forget that its actually a city where locals live. In the desert. Where it gets extremely HOT during the summer, air conditioning is a must and its hard to cuddle with your lover for more than a few minutes without becoming stuck together from each others sweat.

As I had initially purchased sheets that went along with the décor of the bedroom; white and winter green, but I knew there had to be sheets that could make sleep more comfortable with less tossing and turning.

First, bamboo bedding is even softer than cotton.

Keep in mind that there are two kinds of bamboo sheets, some that are mixed with other materials, and the other which is made of 100% premium bamboo.

I was shopping with my partner at the Fantastic Swap Meet when a man at a kiosk got our attention. I honestly wasn’t interest, but my partner walked over to learn more. They were selling the bamboo sheets that  I told my partner we should purchase a month prior. I then remembered when I first discovered this type of bedding I did do some research on them.

With him remembering that I wanted them, I asked the sales man if the bedding that was being sold was 100% bamboo. He replied that the ones he had on display were not, BUT he could order some luxury bamboo sheets to be shipped to our home. He had a swatch for us to select a color and feel the texture. Right then we decided to go ahead and purchase them.

Bamboo sheet’s will bring you comfort in any climate.

Sleeping between them is so comfortable! In fact they are cool, durable, ultra soft & silky – hypoallergenic might I add. Looking online through Google’s shopping part of their search engine, and at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I did discover that bamboo sheets are such good quality that their prices ranged from the low $100 (on sale) and as high as $240.

Above is a picture of the sheets that we received in the mail. Though they cost more than the previous sheets that I would find at Ross for $16.99 – $48.00, they are totally worth it living here in Vegas. Sheets that are cool in the summer and comfortable during winter is a must for living here.

Fact: Las Vegas gets really hot during the summer and very cold during the winter.

In fact it snowed about a month ago and locals were taken aback!

San Francisco Japanese Botanical & Tea Garden. Photo by Kadesh Carter.

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