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How To Get Rich While We Are Still In A Pandemic

Many people dream of being rich, though what that means varies widely among people of different backgrounds and experience. To some, it means never having to worry about expenses. For others, it is not working so many hours. Others define it as complete financial independence.

No matter what your definition of “rich” is, experts offer suggestions for how to get on the road to greater wealth.

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What Does It Mean To Be Rich?

“Being rich means having time freedom and location freedom, to do the things that matter to you,” said Andrew Lokenauth, CEO of Fluent in Finance LLC. “Wealth often comes first from being frugal. Many millionaires are wealthy because they know how to keep and invest their money — and not spend it on unnecessary things.”

Beyond frugality, Kyle Kroeger, finance expert at The Impact Investor, extends the definition of rich to mean “someone (who) regularly earned enough to be far from troubled paying their fixed expenses such as rent, electricity and other utilities, car maintenance costs, health insurance and educational expenses.”

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You Already Know How To Get Rich, But You Just Won’t Listen

Have you ever searched online for ways to earn money? If you have then you already know the answers tend to come in articles that show you 25 to 100 “proven” methods to earn cash. Over the years these same ideas have been regurgitate by thousands of authors.

More recently since internet users have moved away from reading popular blogs to preferring to watch trendy vlogs, YouTubers have also started to use these same methods as content for their channels to lure in viewers. They typically do so with a title that sounds too good to be true. After the first few minutes you quickly realize that the information they are providing isn’t new at all.

It can get pretty annoying seeking an answer that you believe is going to immediately solve your financial problems and not finding one that you want to hear. But the truth is, though blogs and vlogs keep giving the same answers as to how to make money, they are all correct. Some methods may take an investment of time, or start up cash. Others may be tedious and pay in small increments. And there are those that cause for some level of skill.

Here in America with a smartphone and internet access you have the option to get rich. From paid classes to free information, knowledge is at your fingertips. It is very possible to make money from home, grow your business and live comfortably.

If you are searching for an online article that’s going to change you income and your life, this is it.

What are you good at? To find the answer to this question look at what you do regularly without a second thought. Is it cooking? Then write a recipe book, sell food, create an online course or start a cooking channel. That was a basic example but that’s how simple it is. Whatever your skill is, it can be monetized.

“What if I’m not good at anything?” Then pay someone else to do the work. If you talk to any highly successful person they will tell you that you need multiple sources of income and majority of that money should come in without you having to lift a finger. Working smarter not harder, having your money to work for you and not against you.

One way to receive consistent cash payments is through book royalties. There are ghostwriters who can do the writing for you and illustrators who can draw the images. A book done for you by someone else that you are able to publish in your name. And if you don’t have the funds to go through a publishing house, Amazon KDP allows you to publish online for free.

After looking up easy ways to make cash most people don’t continue their internet search with the follow up question of how to start whatever they found interesting on the list they were reading. This second step is vital and can actually put you in the direction to becoming the successful person you want to be.

Don’t give up because you can’t find anything that is going to have you earning cash within seconds. Put yourself in a mindset to win. Know that there’s a solution to your money wishes. A book or article on almost everything is out there to help you understand your financial situation better and start growing your income.

Keep Motivated And Moving Forward,

K. Crystal Carter

3 Areas To Improve In To Achieve Massive Growth

Many years ago when December came around I would reflect on how that year went and start making a plan for the next year. This reflection included looking at my health, personal development, personal finances, and if I was satisfied with where my life was at that point.

It was important for me to start the new year right. Not with a list of “New Year, New Me,” cliché goals though.

As time went on I realized that I needed more time to prepare for the next year. Therefore, I decided to look at my life like a business, in quarters. The fourth and final quarter of the year (90 days) would be time for me to reset and end the year strategically.

While most are spending money during the holiday season, I have been one to check my previous years’ statements to see if there was an increase compared to the last December, and how much. That was personal progress to me.

As this year of 2021 comes to an end in my book I have decided to amp things up in a few areas.

Health And Wellness

Becoming a better human is a never ending journey. I don’t strive to be perfect, just to improve so that as I age my brain and body are as strong as they can be.

Before the pandemic, I tried out several gyms here in Las Vegas and the one that stood out to me the most was Lifetime Fitness. It was a beautiful building with the latest equipment and technology. Though I highly enjoyed the experience from a weeklong pass they provided I knew I wasn’t going to go regularly.

Currently, 3-5 times out of the week I turn to my favorite YouTube fitness channel and workout from home. When I’m feeling tense, I search for sun salutation yoga, or a 15 minute short basic yoga session. After my workouts I log them in my fitness tracker so that I will have a record of my progress.

Previously, I would take multivitamins, along with other capsuled herbs. Since learning of the many benefits of sea moss it is my daily go to supplement. I have also recently ordered strawberry flavored sea moss gel to enjoy with breads.

Personal Development

There are different opinions on reading books vs listening to them. For me, audiobooks have increased my knowledge substantially. In today’s world, our busy lives don’t always permit for us to open a book and read until our eyes get heavy.

Audiobooks allow you to listen and visualize yourself being read to, or even imagine being at a conference. It’s relaxing and I’m able to work on other projects as they are playing. And the fact that you can pause, and replay makes it all the better. I rewind for two reasons, my mind drifted away, or I want to fully grasp the information being given by the narrator.

I’m currently listening to ‘Think And Grow Rich’ for the second time. It’s encouraged by the author to read it three times, so that is how many times that I will be listening. I can only imagine the impact this powerful book is going to have on my life next year.

Personal Finance

Being a crypto investor for me means waking up, checking my most favorable coins, reading top bitcoin new websites, and reviewing the overall coin market capitalization to see what changes occurred in the past 24 hours.

Growing up, my mother read the stocks when they were published in the newspaper. I thought it was amazing and subconsciously ingrained in me to want to become an investor.

The most important thing that I learned about money, both traditional and digital, is that in order to grow your wealth staying informed with current events and previous trends is vital. In most recent news, China has banned cryptocurrency and all related transactions, this means considering the volume of the top invested coins and seeing if liquidation or diversification is best.

Maintaining an increasing yearend balance means reviewing my finances from every angle.

Track Your Trades With A Crypto Notebook

Final Thoughts

Spend this last quarter of 2021 getting to know yourself better and improving in areas you wish to see growth in. The average person does not commit to their New Year’s Resolutions for more than a month which is why many get into the same undesirable habits and feel overwhelmed about learning how to change them.

Keep learning. You have the rest of your life with you, strive to become the best version of yourself.

Don’t wait until you have gained weight from the holidays and spent down your bank account on gifts to say you want to change your life. This holiday season set a budget on gifts and since you are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, start working out 1-2 times a week now so that you can feast and enjoy on those days.

Article By K. Crystal Carter

K. Crystal Carter is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast who is originally from Oakland, California. She has 7.5 years of experience in the financial industry, and 6 years of being a cannabis hydroponics grow director and cannabis advocate at local City Hall meetings. She currently resides in Las Vegas as one of the lead Earthy Realist team members.

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