8 Truths Of Why Your Business Is Failing

1. Missing A Website.

2. Links Not Working On Website.

3. Marketing Too Many Random Products.

4. Buying Inventory That No One Wants To Buy.

5. Posting Photos That Are Unattractive.

6. Wanting Overnight Success Without Putting In Any Work.

7. Selling A Product That You Don’t Know How To Market.

8. Being Too Focused On Family And Friends Not Buying From You Instead Of Finding Your Target Market.

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Dessert Before And After Dinner With Foody Flyz Catering Las Vegas

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

What makes a GOOD lemon tart? It would have to be the texture and zesty lemon flavor for us!

Foody Flyz is an independent and family owned catering business located Las Vegas, Nevada. They have a menu that is delicious and fun. Regular dishes, meal plans, and savory kitchen surprises.

Lemon Tart By Foody Flyz

Craving a lemon tart and being disappointed with the ones from the bakeries visited, we knew just who to call and order from.

Previously, the first dessert ordered from Foody Flyz were two sweet potato pies. They were reminders of what good home cooked meals used to be. Cooking is an art yet hasn’t been seen as so by the most recent generations. So its nice to see tradition being kept alive.

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You never know what they will come up with next!

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Call: 725-300-2535

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