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The Psychological Role Of Colors In Branding

How important is having a logo? I have owned successfully brands with and without one. But if you take a look at all major companies they are recognized not only by their name but by their logo.

Effort goes into the creative aspect of branding, and it’s actually more than one would think.

I have shared the psychology behind all brand colors and I will again in the comments.


How To Make 6 Figures Selling On Amazon With Helium 10

Have you every came across a product on Amazon and wondered how they were able to get so many sales? Being a merchant on the platform can be a highly profitable source of income with the right strategy. What most people who sell online don’t realize is that if you want your product to get ranked and noticed there are important steps that must be followed.

If you are familiar with then you know how powerful the ecommerce platform is. It accounts for over 40% of of all online retail sales with it’s over 310 million active user accounts.

After being a shopper on Amazon you may now be considering opening up your own store, or you may already have a store and are looking to learn how to live off it fulltime instead of it being a side hustle. Success on Amazon is very possible, regardless of age or location, and the proof is in the millions of people already doing it.

What makes the best stand out from the rest? – One word: Optimization

5 Secrets To Amazon Success:

1. Select a niche that easy to get products for, or is a evergreen product. The three most common evergreen niches are health, wealth, and relationships.

2. Research similar products, see which products come up first and review words that you aren’t using in your listing. If you haven’t opened your store yet, write down the common words and phrases that you see.

3. Participate in Prime to help with marketing. Amazon Prime members are the platforms biggest spenders, by being a Prime merchant your products are shown first to customers.

4. Maximize advertising options such as providing coupons and being a sponsored brand that appears at the top of search results.

5. Provide solutions for customers by staying up-to-date with Amazon news, trends and changes.

How To Start Making A Profit With Your Store

If you really want to win at being an Amazon seller then download the all-in-one leader and best software for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Helium 10 gives you all the tools and training you need to launch and grow a successful business on Amazon.

Helium 10 is a suite of software tools designed to aid Amazon sellers.

Here’s What You Get:

✔️ Product Research Tools
✔️ Keyword Research Tools
✔️ Listing Optimization Tools
✔️ Operations Tools
✔️ Analytics Tools
✔️ Marketing Tools
✔️ Training & FBA Courses
✔️ Regular Events, Webinars, and Expert Advice
✔️ Live, 24/7 Customer Support

Trusted by 1,000,000+ Amazon sellers around the world.

Article By K. Crystal Carter

K. Crystal Carter is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast who is originally from Oakland, California. She has 7.5 years of experience in the financial industry, and 6 years of being a cannabis hydroponics grow director and cannabis advocate at local City Hall meetings. She currently resides in Las Vegas as one of the lead Earthy Realist team members.

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