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Top Assets To Own During Inflation

What goes up must come down. No fear, we are just in a cycle. Invest wisely.

Top Assets To Own:

Article By Aura Bea Carter


Trade Accurately With A Cryptocurrency Investments Logbook

Trade cryptocurrency with accuracy and professionalism by documenting your purchases in the Cryptocurrency Investments Portfolio. 

Learn from your trades and earn more as your portfolio grows. As a trader, it is easy to forget how much you initially invested, making it confusing when determining how much you gained or lost. Write down your emotional mental state to monitor personal trading behaviors. The portfolio can be used by beginning and advanced traders of cryptocurrency.


  • Gloss Cover
  • 8.5 x 11 Inches

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More Students Investing In Crypto To Help Them Financially

Students are now turning to crypto to plug the financial gap that comes with schooling. It is no surprise that the cost of schooling has gone up tremendously over the years. Now more than ever, students are graduating with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. But even the massive loans students have to take out to pay for schooling do not cover everything.

Things like food, rent, and commute are big issues for students. And by the time their student loans come in, there are sometimes gaps left to be filled by funds from other sources. It has been historically the case for students to take part-time jobs to fill these gaps. But with the pandemic, the part-time job market has been unstable, to say the least. Students are also usually left to rely on parents to plug this gap. But parents’ incomes being affected by the pandemic have driven students to find another way of filling this gap. This is where crypto enters the picture.

Using Crypto To Plug The Gap

The pandemic and school closures left a lot of students with time on their hands as countries went into lockdown. Unable to work and with dwindling savings, a lot of students have had to look towards other means of income to supplement their loans. Loans usually cover about 58% of student expenses, according to this report.

Crypto total market cap chart from
Featured image from Trality, chart from

Concerns have been raised about students investing due to the hype, “without a full understanding the risks and effective strategies involved in these trades.” This has raised the need for proper financial education and information regarding these trades. In order to make sure that these students are making the best decisions when it comes to investing in crypto.

Article By Best Owie –

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Dollar Cost-Averaging (DCA) Explained By Team Professor

Team Professor is a group of traders with a strong belief in digital currency. A concentrated group of cryptocurrency professionals, traders, and blockchain enthusiasts from a vast range of backgrounds. Their team strives to educate each one of their clients on fundamental and technical analysis, as well as price action.

The Importance Of DCA

Dollar-cost averaging, or DCA, is a great way to get you to invest in a market as volatile as crypto. As a newbie to investing, the term was completely foreign to me, but it turned out to be very useful. 

The process is simple. Let’s say you have a fixed amount of fiat (let’s say $200) that you would like to invest in Ethereum (ETH). Instead of putting $200 in ETH in a single order, DCA it, by splitting the $200 in smaller investments over a certain period of time. This can be done at regular time intervals or regular price intervals.

For example, if the price of ETH was $2,000 at the time, you wish to invest in it. you can say, “Ok, I will invest $20 every week”. 

As an alternative, if you want to support your portfolio in a bear market, you can say, “OK, OK, so I’m going to put a limit order for $50 ETH at every $50 price intervals.” For example, $50 ETH at 2000, $50 ETH at 1950, $50 ETH at 1900 and $50 ETH at 1850. In this situation, one might ask the question “If I’m going to buy ETH for $1900. why should I buy it at a higher price when I can just sit back and wait for it to go lower?” The answer to this can be seen in the DCA ratio.

It is impossible to accurately predict how the market will perform. Yes, Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis can be a great resource to use when deciding on investments and trends, but in the short term, the market can be volatile and difficult to predict. you don’t know when the price will reach the desired level of $1900. It may drop to $1950 then bounce back up or never break $2000.

DCA eliminates the need to ‘time the market’ and helps you reduce the normal costs you pay for a certain period of time. It’s a great way to invest, and if done right, it will bring you good returns!

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Article By Team Professor

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Trade Command Center Is The Lazy Traders Path To Winning

Trade Command Center by Tradeology is a brand new industry extension program that is specifically intended for Forex traders who need assistance understanding it. Corresponding with the official website, it is a priceless, appealing, and extremely accurate system that was designed and unveiled by Toshko Raychev of Tradeology. Having access to this permits you to watch the shifts in exchange admissions, as it provides the messages with dates as well as the season of these enlistments. Both advanced and new brokers in the Forex enterprise can gain from its benefits. 

The first thing you should know is that the Trade Command Center is a software and that it comes with a stylish interface that shows both hourly and daily trading Forex signals. With the software, you can select the trading signals you want displaying on your dashboard by deciding your preferred currency pairs at the most appropriate time.

The Trade Command Center signals saves a substantial amount of time. Traders can log in to the tool and have hours cut that they usually spend in front of the computer. It works perfectly on both mobile and desktop devices. Also, it includes comprehensive training and materials to assist traders in avoiding costly trading mistakes.

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Cheers To Your New Found Trading Success!

Article By Jack Rich, Contributor

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