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What is Earthy Realist?

Earthy Realist is a multidimensional company that primarily focuses on cryptocurrency, cannabis, and culture. Presenting valuable content to its global viewers from news articles to premium products. It also provides businesses a platform to advertise cryptocurrency, blockchain, cannabis, and CBD-related goods and services.

Why Cryptocurrency & Cannabis?

Cryptocurrency is the solution to the cannabis industry’s banking problem that stems from the DEA’s outdated Schedule I status of cannabis as a controlled substance instead of the natural healing plant that it is. In comparison, investors of cryptocurrency and consumers of cannabis products (especially CBD) are individuals of society who understand the power of innovation and elevation.

Who visits our website?

Globally our website and social media subscribers are based primarily in the United States but are from almost every country with internet access. We are based in Las Vegas, NV, and tourists learn about our website from our local media promotions.

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Track Your Trades With This Crypto Notebook

If you plan on profiting in such a volatile market as cryptocurrency, it’s important that you keep track of how much you are investing. Especially if you are using dollar cost averaging (DCA) as a way to gain from the market.

Read Our Article On Dollar Cost Averaging Here: Dollar Cost-Averaging (DCA) Explained By Team Professor

Record and track your cryptocurrency assets with this bitcoin themed notebook.

Useful for active traders of stocks, options, futures, and forex. 

Write down your trading tricks or keywords. Awesome cover detail to keep you motivated.


  • 6×9 Inches
  • 140 Lined Pages

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4 Best Crypto Side Hustles

An easy way to build your crypto portfolio is by looking for opportunities that allow you to earn coins. Years back many laughed at the thought of people actually using bitcoin, and now large banks are talking about adding cryptocurrency options for its customers. Bitcoin ATMs can be found in shopping centers, mortgage companies have started to accept the digital currency and some countries are looking to make bitcoin widely used.

Here are the best side hustles within the cryptocurrency investment market.

1. Awesome Miner

What is crypto mining?
Bitcoin mining is the process by which new bitcoins are entered into circulation, but it is also a critical component of the maintenance and development of the blockchain ledger. By mining, you can earn cryptocurrency without having to put down money for it.

Powerful For Large Scale Mining

Scalable up to 200,000 ASIC miners and 25,000 GPU/CPU miners.
Feature rich and flexible to serve high demanding operations.

Maximize Profit – Minimize Downtime

Profit switching based on real time revenue and power consumption.
Detection of mining issues with automatic recovery.

Optimized Antminer Firmware

10% higher performance for Antminer S9 and 40% for Antminer S17.
Improved power efficiency and more features.

Easy To Get Started

Start mining within a minute.
Automatic setup of all popular mining pools with just a click.


What are crypto airdrops?
When new blockchain and cryptocurrency projects start, they often give away their coins or tokens to their community members for free. These token giveaways are called crypto airdrops, and they are an effective marketing strategy for blockchain startups.

Earn crypto & join the best airdrops, giveaways and more with

3. Blocknomics

Blockonomics helps you to track and accept bitcoin payments.

Suggestion: Create A Bitcoin Tip Jar On Blocknomics.

Bitcoin Tip Jars are a great way to accept BTC tips on any website without having to integrate a payment gateway. They are easy to create and require minimal technical know-how.

4. Steem

Steem is a social blockchain that grows communities and makes immediate revenue streams possible for users by rewarding them for sharing content in crypto. It’s currently the only blockchain that can power real applications via social apps like Steemit.

Article By K. Crystal Carter

K. Crystal Carter is originally from Oakland, California, where she was employed in banking for 7.5 years and a cannabis grow director and cannabis advocate at local City Hall meetings for 6 years. She currently resides in Las Vegas as one of the lead Earthy Realist team members.

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The 5 Crypto Wallets Explained

What Is A Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Owning cryptocurrency is unlike owning customary currency, a person in no way will be able to hold a Bitcoin in their hand. Cryptocurrency is not ever tangible, however, it is instead a group of codes. Cryptocurrency is kept on the blockchain with a special address. What is called a public key, permits additional users to send you crypto. Initially, a private key reveals your crypto to you. A cryptocurrency wallet is comparable to a customary wallet in a sense that you use it to keep your funds secure.

How Do Cryptocurrency Wallets Work?

Opposite to general belief, crypto wallets do not really store cryptocurrencies. What they do is provide the means necessary to work together with a blockchain. Wallets can produce the essential information to send and receive cryptocurrency by blockchain transactions.

The 5 Different Types Of Crypto Wallets

1. Mobile Wallets
Mobile wallets are ones that run as apps on phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Transacting is made easy as funds can be sent to other wallet addresses that can sometimes be represented by QR codes. They are great for travel and accessibility, but they are considered the least secure. There is the possibility of your mobile crypto wallet getting hacked, and if someone steals your device (or you misplace it) they could also take your coins.

2. Desktop Wallets
Desktop wallets are unconnected devices that keep your cryptocurrency, that you attach to an internet-connected device when you want to trade or access your coins. A desktop wallet is an address that you can send and receive cryptocurrency. How they are protected is that the owner holds specifics of the private key that is used to retrieve it. Having the choice of detaching your desktop wallet from the internet and keeping them offline reduces the danger that your funds can be hacked into.

3. Paper Wallets
A paper wallet is exactly how it sounds, a piece of paper that contains your private key and public address, usually printed in the form of a QR code. Paper wallets are different from the other types of wallets, unlike online wallets, this form of cryptocurrency storing is entirely offline and tangible. Being a tangible method of storage, this requires that you take additional steps to safeguard the paper. Options to keep your paper wallets secure is to laminate the paper (this protects it from water damage), and place it in a in home vault.

4. Hardware Wallets
Hardware wallets are considered a key component of the blockchain network. As they deliver security and functionality when interacting with blockchain ledgers. Hardware wallets keep your coins secure even when the computer you’re using isn’t protected. Hardware wallets provide users with an additional level of defense from online attacks, phishing websites, and malicious software. A hardware wallet can communicate with several blockchains concurrently. All of them can be backed up easily with a single recovery phrase. Frequently a pocket-sized plug-in gadget, a hardware wallet, is a key to access your cryptocurrency safely and from anywhere.

5. Web Wallets
A web wallet is an online service that can send and hold cryptocurrency on your behalf. The main advantage of web wallets is that they can be accessed anywhere, from any device. Unfortunately, security is the main concern with web wallets. In addition to the risk of hacking used to steal a user’s passwords, many crypto users have signed on to web wallets, only to find out that their coins have disappeared and the service providers couldn’t help.


When it comes to storing your cryptocurrency think about the method that will make you most comfortable, and always do your research. Recommended Hardware Wallet: Trezor

Article By Thomas Atkins

Thomas is a freelance writer who covers cryptocurrency and world events on several media sites.

Interested in writing for E-mail Us:

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More Students Investing In Crypto To Help Them Financially

Students are now turning to crypto to plug the financial gap that comes with schooling. It is no surprise that the cost of schooling has gone up tremendously over the years. Now more than ever, students are graduating with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. But even the massive loans students have to take out to pay for schooling do not cover everything.

Things like food, rent, and commute are big issues for students. And by the time their student loans come in, there are sometimes gaps left to be filled by funds from other sources. It has been historically the case for students to take part-time jobs to fill these gaps. But with the pandemic, the part-time job market has been unstable, to say the least. Students are also usually left to rely on parents to plug this gap. But parents’ incomes being affected by the pandemic have driven students to find another way of filling this gap. This is where crypto enters the picture.

Using Crypto To Plug The Gap

The pandemic and school closures left a lot of students with time on their hands as countries went into lockdown. Unable to work and with dwindling savings, a lot of students have had to look towards other means of income to supplement their loans. Loans usually cover about 58% of student expenses, according to this report.

Crypto total market cap chart from
Featured image from Trality, chart from

Concerns have been raised about students investing due to the hype, “without a full understanding the risks and effective strategies involved in these trades.” This has raised the need for proper financial education and information regarding these trades. In order to make sure that these students are making the best decisions when it comes to investing in crypto.

Article By Best Owie –

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