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How To Create A Free Challenge That Will Grow Your Followers And Make You Money

So, you’re stuck trying to think of a shiny new marketing tactic to get more folks acquainted with your product or service.

You’ve tried a bunch of things — you’ve recorded podcast episodes, you’ve made Instagram reels, you’ve even dabbled in making a few TikToks.

And now, you’re thinking, “What else can I do that will grab people’s attention?”

Enter: The free challenge.

This is a really fun way to grow your audience organically and give them a taste of the kind of transformation they can experience through your offer. (And because it’s free, people will be more willing to sign up.)

Your goal is twofold: 1) to funnel as many people as possible into your actual offer and turn them into paying customers. 2) to provide so much value out of the challenge that they want more where that came from.

Here are the top 3 tips for creating a memorable challenge that folks will be flocking to sign up for.

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10 Ways To Keep Your Social Media Accounts Making Money

Chances are if you use social media in 2022 you do so to make money. This can be from sharing information about your job, or promoting your own products and/or services.

The internet is filled with endless examples of what to post on social media but information overload can cause us to get stuck, overwhelmed, and go weeks without posting.

Here is a 10 point list of how to keep your profile(s) active and relevant.

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Hashtags For Each Day Of The Week To Grow Your Social Media

✅ Increase your brand awareness on social media with these helpful day themed hashtags!

Sunday Hashtags Copy & Paste: #SundayReads #SpotlightSunday #SundaySweat #SelfieSunday #SundayBrunch #SundayVibes #SundayBest #SundayDinner #SelfCareSunday

Monday Hashtags Copy & Paste: #MondayMotivation #MindfulMonday #ManCrushMonday #MondayFunday #ManicMonday #MondayMemories #MondayMantra #MondayMood #MondayMadness

Tuesday Hashtags Copy & Paste: #TransformationTuesday #TipTuesday #TuesdayTasting #TuesdayShoesday #GoodNewsTues #TakeMeBackTuesday #TastyTuesday #TuesdayTrivia #TuesdayTreat

Wednesday Hashtags Copy & Paste: #WCW #WorkoutWednesday #WisdomWednesday #WellnessWednesday #WayBackWednesday #WoofWednesday #WomenWednesday #WednesdayWords #WinItWednesday

Thursday Hashtags Copy & Paste: #ThankfulThursday #ThinkPositiveThursday #Thursdate #ThirstyThursday #ThoughtfulThursday #ThursdayVibes #ThursdayNight #ThursdayThoughts

Friday Hashtags Copy & Paste: #FlashBackFriday #FearlessFriday #FashionFriday #FridayFacts #FridayIntroductions #FeatureFriday #FitnessFriday #FridayFeels#TGIF

Saturday Hashtags Copy & Paste: #SaturdayStyle #SaturdaySpecial #SaturdaySale #SaturdayShopping #SaturdayBrunch #SaturdayShenanigans #SelfCareSaturday #SaturdayFun #SaturdayNightFever

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The Ultimate Bloggers Hashtags List To Gain Traffic

Here is the only list of hashtags that you will ever need! Works great with WordPress websites and all other major blog sites.

Gain organic subscribers by using hashtags that are most relevant to our everyday lives and vocabulary.

Ultimate Bloggers Hashtags:

Activism Adventure Advice Animals Architecture Art Authors Baking Beauty Beer Blogging Books Business Camping Cars Cocktails Coding Comics Community Cooking Crafts Creativity Culture Current-Events Dance Decorating Design Diversity DIY Drawing E-commerce Education Entertainment Environment Family Farming Fashion Fiction Finance Fitness Food Gaming Gardening Health History Homeschooling Humor Identity Illustration Inspiration Internet Journalism Kids Language LGBTQ Lifestyle Literature Mathematics Media Mental-Health Military Movies Music Nature Nonfiction Nostalgia Outdoors Parenting Pets Photography Poetry Politics Publishing Reading Science Self-Improvement Self-Publishing Sewing Social-Media Sports Teaching Technology Television Travel Weddings Wellness Wine WordPress Work Writing

Blogger Success Tips:

• Use these same hashtags for blog topics and other social media platforms such as Instagram, and Twitter.

• Create a list of hashtags relevant to your brand and copy and paste as needed.


Blogger’ Hashtags: Blog, Bloggers, Culture, Influencer, Lifestyle, Reading, Writing, Writer

Article By Keynoe Menes

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Maintaining Your Self-Esteem While On Social Media

Preserve your mental health and do not let society or social media to dictate your emotions. “Instagram in particular is trying to figure out how to put less of an emphasis on social media validation and wants to take a take a step back and allow users to focus on the content they post, not the number of likes.” Devon Hannan,

In recent days, and according to leaked reports from 2018, it’s been reported that Instagram is considering “likes” count removal, according to prototype. It is said by some that it is to help increase engagement. “Instagram is trying to figure out how to put less of an emphasis on social media validation and wants to take a take a step back and allow users to focus on the content they post, not the number of likes.” Devon Hannan, via ALTPRESS.

We will just have to wait and see if the rumors are true. But, there is the concern of how does social media really make us feel about ourselves. Young users as well as adults.

We spend hours on hours as a global society using social media. For some it’s to stay in touch with family and friends. To see high school buddies nostalgic school photos, or from work outings you were tagged in included.

I personally use it for business and sometimes personal. Why is this? For me I like the fact that you can join groups of interest, local events are posted, and it’s free advertising. Your reasons may be different or even the same as mine.

In recent years there have been reports, depending on where the actual data is being collected, in articles that have stated that statistically the more people use social media the more they (may) become depressed.

Image Via Pixel

Never before were we able to pry into the lives of people we know or people that we have never met, and have a “like” button to approve/agree with that persons (digital) life story. Let’s be honest, no one sits up and likes every single persons posts of the people that they are following. Its too time consuming, and not everything posted is always interesting.

Honestly with the algorithm of social media you don’t even see majority of the people who you are connected with/following even if you wanted to.

Why even follow so many people? More is better to many. And even though there may be a friend or family member who you know that you never speak to online people still like having a high number of who all they are connected to. It just feels good for some to say “I have almost 5,000 Facebook friends.” (Who came up with that number anyway?) Hey keep in mind that this may not apply to you personally.

Not receiving likes, comments, or shares can bring up emotions of self doubt that you are not adequate enough. Jealousy of people you don’t even know just from their assumed picture perfect life, no pun intended. Desires to own a company that someone else owns, but not having any skill to do the same things. Conflicting isn’t it?

Social media is a great resource for networking, not a place to go to make you feel miserable.

In having companies over the years that I would share on my timeline I noticed that family members would like my posts based on other people’s interests (likes and comments) in my work. Never would they share to help spread the word of my works on their own. I recall in my early days of joining social media I even asked 10 family members and friends via Facebook messenger to share a post of the jewelry I designed to their pages. One person did, and she actually over the years would purchase pieces that I made.

It wasn’t that my pieces were not attractive, as I’ve shown in fashion shows, art galleries and boutiques, they just didn’t want to share. As simple as that. Seeing them post memes or other peoples businesses DID bother me. But years later I learned from a very successful entrepreneur who I interviewed that friends and family will be the last to support you. That’s exactly how it was for him as well.

You live and you learn. I began deleting people off of my friends list who I never interacted. This applied to anyone. Some people may think that this is the end of a relationship, but it’s really not. Going down from 2.5k friends to 150 (you read that right) has improved my networking and more people share my work because I share or like theirs. And I am able to focus on my business accounts/pages which each has their own target market. I’ve been given tickets to events from people on my smaller list, I can see and interact with business groups better which has increased my revenue.

Not having so many friends allows me to actually see what the friends I do have are posting. Some people will follow me still though I will not add them.

If someone is making you question yourself, delete them.

If you are going to be nosy (creeping on a persons timeline), but never will like or share someones content delete them.

If you feel that you are not supported by someone that you know in real life, delete them.

If you feel ignored after leaving comments, delete them.

If pages you follow no longer posts content that you find useful, unfollow that page.

Remember, you can call, email or text those who you want to stay connected to. Meeting up in person is always a good idea.

Image Via Pixel

Also, take breaks from social media. If you are an influencer or company, try the optional free version a platform such as Buffer or Hootsuite to create content that you can schedule ahead of time to post to your account(s). I use the weekends to set up my scheduling. You can also use this service for regular accounts.

Preserve your mental health and do not let society or social media dictate your emotions.

Best Regards,

Kadesh Carter