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Summer Body At Home Yoga + Workouts

It feels good to workout. Especially at home. You can create a lifelong enjoyment of taking care of your body for summer and every season.

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The yoga mat that I purchased (the red one shown above) was from Dick’s Sporting Goods located here in Las Vegas. In the past I was not concerned with the material or durability or thickness of a yoga mat, but now things have changed, I enjoy quality.

The mat that I purchased is made by Manduka, a premium yoga mat and fitness apparel company. As I went through the options the store provided I could not decide, but I kept returning to look at this red mat in which I liked the thickness of. My love, he told me to, “Just get it”, in fact he said he would purchase it for me because he knew I really wanted it. Being so indecisive it was a big help.

The mat cost $90 – Now to some this may be overpriced in their opinion but its up to the consumer how they want to spend their money. Rather its shoes from Payless or red bottom Christian Louboutin’s, people are entitled to decide between either.

Could I tell the difference? Yes! – The first place that I tested my mat out was when we went to Sin City Yoga. The ambiance of the studio was what I noticed first, I really love the golden mandala painted on the wall that students face during practice. And, in regards to my mat I could feel the difference. In the past my lower back would feel a pinch on mats and I would have to use the cushion provided, I didn’t feel any discomfort on my Manduka mat.

Fit For Fitness

At the beginning of the year I started a 16 week fitness challenge to add to my self-care routine. Now, to not stress myself I honestly have not been counting the weeks. Some may find this strange but I don’t want to judge myself on what is toned what looks the same still and so on. I will stop when I feel its time to. By not being judgmental I don’t look in the mirror at the changes happening to my body. Also I workout specific areas mainly. We all know we are our own biggest critics. I know that I can be!

At first I was doing russian twists and “squats” (yes in quotations), because I was not doing them correctly. As I have not seriously worked out in two years I know the sore feeling of working out and I would not feel anything. Therefore I looked on YouTube the correct way to squat. Now we were on to something. My legs felt sore but it felt good to know that I corrected my form. I was doing squats on my own until I recalled an app that I used to do squats with. Well and behold the app was still top rated and one of the first to appear in my search. The app is literally called “Squats” in lime green text on the Google Play app if you wish to look for it.

Image Via Google Search

At the beginning of the year I started a 16 week fitness challenge to add to my self-care routine.

This evening to relax I did a yoga routine on YouTube titled ‘15 Yoga Poses That’ll Change Your Body In Less Than a Month,’ followed by another app from Google called ‘Butt & Legs’, and ending with the ‘Squats’ app.

Please keep in mind that I do not workout each and everyday. Sometimes you just can’t due to your body needing rest, having a busy schedule and so on.

YouTube and Google Play are GREAT resources for completing workouts at home.

It feels good to work out. Especially at home. We purchased a gym membership and went twice. But still paid for a few months after that. Which is exactly how fitness centers make their money – from people like me. I am not one to lift weights and such so honestly I had no reason to go.

It feels good to work out. Especially at home…

I feel more energized working out routinely and I have been making delicious meals more often since my goal is to tone up, and gain 5-10 pounds. I will go beyond the 16 weeks and hopefully really make working out a lifelong enjoyment and not just for summer.


Kadesh Carter


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